Police Strength Civilian Model Pepper Spray 18 gram
This Spray has 10% OC pepper and UV marking dye.  This means is it has more than enough heat to incapacitate an attacker and the UV dye makes identification by law enforcement easier. Up to 20 bursts ensure that you...
Mace Sport Model Pepper Spray - Orange
$18.95 $16.95
Mace Sport Model Pepper Spray - Orange
This Sport Model is 4.25" in overall length making it ideal for carrying during a run or exercise.  Contains 10% OC pepper with a UV dye to incapacitate any would-be attackers. .Up to 20 bursts and a stream pattern that...
$18.95 $16.95
Sold Out
Mace Key Guard Pepper Spray with Hard Case
The "original" MACE the brand used and trusted all over the world for personal safety.  This product is only 3.63" overall length. 10% OC pepper ensures that this spray will effectively neutralize an attacker. UV dye is infused to assist...
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