120 Serving Meat Buckets

Emergency Food Kits
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If you are here reading this I don't have to tell you how important it is to have a nice "heavy" meal to calm you down after a hard day.  We call these meals "comfort food". Now this isn't your grandmothers cooking, but it does provide the much needed nutrients you will need.  Your body needs protein and rest to heal. Well here is your protein.  Stock up! Throw a few buckets in the garage for the next time the power goes out for over a week and your frozen meat spoils or when the next natural disaster hits and there is no help coming.


2 buckets of 60 servings of meat. Variety includes: Teriyaki chicken, southwest style chicken, roasted chicken, stroganoff beef, cheesy ground beef, and roasted ground beef.

120 Serving Meat Buckets
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