Law Enforcement 16oz Stream

pepper Spray

Shield Protection Products is proud to provide our fellow brothers and sisters in blue, and our military, a pepper spray they can count on. Our tried and true 5,300,000 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) pepper spray formula delivers a quick and effective breathtaking blast that is sure to stop offenders in their tracks. We worked with industry leaders and our coworkers in law enforcement to make a unique formula for those needing pepper spray they can count on.  Our unique formula hits harder and then dissipates quicker, allowing the offender to have a quicker recovery time. This quicker recovery time limits the time spent with EMS and trips to the hospital. As law enforcement officers ourselves, we know what “WE” need and want to get the job done! Our law enforcement line of pepper spray is designed with military, corrections, and cops in mind. Easy to handle cans with large flip-top safeties and intuitive actuators make one-handed deployment from your duty belt seamless. Our larger 16-ounce crowd control cans have the familiar pistol grip handle with a pull pin safety which are perfect for mobile field force units, special response teams, and large detention center settings. Our formula is CEW compliant, oil based, nonflammable, and stored in a robust metal canister. Like all of Shield Protection Products pepper sprays, our L.E. line is made here in the USA.


This is our 16 ounce law enforcement and military grade pepper spray.

Pistol grip

Pull safety pin

Oil based

Approximately 9" high and 2 5/8" diameter. Plus a 3" handle

Range of 18-25' (Depending on weather conditions)

CEW compliant (Can be used with conductive electrical weapons)


TCE Solvent

5,300,000 SHU using a 2% OC and .7MC formula

16.65 for unit .22 label .47 shipping
Law Enforcement 16oz Stream
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