Rear Guard Ballistic Shield
Our upgraded Rear Guard Ballistic Shield Backpack and Chest Inserts are now made in the USA! They are half the thickness and weigh less than similar-looking panels that are imported from China. This thinner, lighter insert has been tested to...
$136.99 from $87.99
Streetwise Pro-Tec Bulletproof Backpack
  IN STOCK The Streetwise Pro-Tec Bulletproof backpack is made of the highest quality materials and contains compartments for your laptop and all the other important stuff you want to keep with you. This bag features compartments for a portable power...
$199.99 $169.99
FEATURES 100% Lightweight Woven Cotton Tactical Shemagh 42" x 42" Protects from Sun, Sand, and Wind Retains Heat in the Winter Absorbs Sweat in the Summer Worn by Military Personnel Worldwide Trend-Setting Fashion Accessory Worn by Both Men and Women...
Emoji Bulletproof Backpack
This is no ordinary Backpack. It weighs just a pound more than a normal backpack, but it takes a ton of weight off your shoulders knowing your child will be safe at school! It’s like having a bodyguard with your...
$225.99 $179.99
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